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Ranjennnys Schools is happy to introduce and welcome you to her new Electronic Learning Centre.This e-learning centre has been professionally designed and equiped with over 5,000 educational materials ranging from e-Books, Games, online encyclopedia and web links for pre-school, grades 1 - 5, grades 6 - 8,grades 9 - 12 and those at the tertiary level. We are also introducing to you our new educational E-Test Game ........

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:: About Us ::

RANJENNYS is a co-educational institution comprising of a crèche, pre-school, primary school, middle school and senior secondary school. Ranjennys was founded 0n the 7th day of January, 1986 in Eleme local Government area of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Ranjennys Schools was founded by a renowned and visionary educationist, Roselyn Precious Ngelale (Mrs). What started as a mere seed has since blossomed into a huge oak tree. The school, founded on the cherished principles of love, discipline and fear of God, indeed increased in population of pupils and students tremendously and this consequently demanded for expansion and development of additional infrastructure.


In Ranjennys, we educate our children for life - “learning for life and loving it”. To teach the child how to “think” “understand” and “apply”.


In this millennium, children and young adult are expected to acquire knowledge much faster than previous generations; our mission is to prepare
morally sound young people who can compete favourably in a globalized world; and graduate student who will be the best in their chosen endeavour.


To graduate Multi-talented and Confident Leaders.


Leaders of tomorrow


Ranjennys remains at the forefront of current and future educational trends, and the strength of our academic excellence lies in teaching of accountability and personal responsibility. These tools equip the child to become appropriately mature and responsible in life. We are committed to
re-enforce social justice, human rights, healthy living environment and inclusivity. Inclusivity, in the sense that everybody irrespective of age, size,
religion, sex, physical ability or social status is welcome to be a part of the Ranjennys family.

Ranjenny's children let us rejoice
Throw all our burdens down
If God has been so gracious to
bring us to Ranjennys
Our school abounds in nature's gifts
of competent teachers
And good academic environment
Lovely for meditation and
fine for observation
Ranjennys is the ultimate
Ranjennys children, let us rejoice
Put away all sorrows
And shout with laughter for our
gracious God has done it all
We have a school where good morals
and discipline are taught
And where the standard is extremely high;
A home of magnificient excellence
Clean and tidy
Ranjennys is the ultimate
I pledge today to do my best in all subjects
To obey school rules
To respect my parents, teachers, students and
To learn all I can and be the best in all I do
So help my teachers
To be involved, curious, creative, ready to
willing to listen and take instructions,
poised to ask thought provoking questions,
to be punctual, organized and tidy at all times
and to be a great student with leading
So help me God
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