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Ranjennnys Schools is happy to introduce and welcome you to her new Electronic Learning Centre.This e-learning centre has been professionally designed and equiped with over 5,000 educational materials ranging from e-Books, Games, online encyclopedia and web links for pre-school, grades 1 - 5, grades 6 - 8,grades 9 - 12 and those at the tertiary level. We are also introducing to you our new educational E-Test Game ........

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:: Assessment ::

Continnuous Assessment
Students are assessed in two phases during an academic term: first assessment goes with mid-term break and the second assessment round up with the exams to make a full term work. Every session has first, second and third terms, which add up to promotion to another class. The first and the second assessment result are majorly from homework and weekly assessment class test, which will accumulate to a score of 50%.

Main examinations are conducted for the students by the end of each academic term. The examination time table is made available from the examination covers 50% of the total score. Students' answer scripts are attached to their result before being made available to the parents\guardian

Cumulative Assessment
Assessment in Ranjennys is more than marking of scripts. It is an intricate process involving the appraisal of both teachers and learners both assessing each other at every stage of the teaching and learning process using each as standards. It is a task which puts too much demand on the teachers but it’s a worthwhile activity geared towards improving both learners and teachers capacity. The criteria adopted in this task are set by the Rivers State Ministry of Education.

What we Assess
Organization of knowledge in Ranjennys covers physical, social, emotional, mental including mode of service delivery. We do a comprehensive assessment and both learners and parents trust their teachers

Guardiance and Counselling
Ranjennys school emphasizes comprehensive academic, psychological, moral and spiritual guidance and counselling for all students. Experienced counsellors in specific professional area are on regular basis invited as resource persons to offers assistance and advice to our senior secondary school students in preparation for employment, self employment, and for post secondary educational pursuits.

Communication in Ranjennys is multi-directional - horizontal (teachers /students); diagonal (management, teachers, students and parents); and vertical (teachers to teacher, students to students and parents to parents). Instruments such as circulars, bulletins, magazine, communication book and telephone are used for effective communication that culminate and give rise to ‘open day’ and meetings.

Parents/ Teachers Association (PTA)
A viable Parents / Teacher Association(PTA)  is the pillar of support in Ranjennys school. Meetings are held once at the end of every term and the body may call an emergency meeting where necessary. We maintains an administrative system that emphasizes and give credence as well as respect to the opinion of parents on issues regarding the welfare of their child\children\wards and the school’s development. All parents\guardians are by obligation to their wards and the college, legal members of this association.

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