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Ranjennnys Schools is happy to introduce and welcome you to her new Electronic Learning Centre.This e-learning centre has been professionally designed and equiped with over 5,000 educational materials ranging from e-Books, Games, online encyclopedia and web links for pre-school, grades 1 - 5, grades 6 - 8,grades 9 - 12 and those at the tertiary level. We are also introducing to you our new educational E-Test Game ........

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:: Pre - Primary School ::

Ranjennys School was established on the 7th of January 1986 as a coeducational institution. The pre-primary school is currently, located on Ranjennys circular road off obo-Nwanke road in E l e m e L o c a l Government sits on a 24 (twenty four) plots of land. The school environment is very
conducive for learning and carries facilities that can comfortably accommodate approximately one thousand children. The Pre-Primary School has fifteen toilets, two Dining halls, one large Assembly hall, Sick bay / Resting room, Play room, Library, Art gallery, 2 Computer rooms, a large play ground and a car parkade.
With a reputable Board of Governors that is headed by Chief, Emere Festus Ngochindo and a strong and supportive Parent Teachers Association headed by a zealous team of professionals.

Tsaro Yornamue - Chairman
Oyor Apollos - Vice Chairman
Chief Mimi Lale - PRO
Peace Sakanwi - Welfare
Engr. Mbombo Olakada - Treasurer
Ogbonna Evelyn - Financial Secretary
Ono Mathew - General Secretary
Engr. Dibiah Godwin - Special Adviser
Victoria Otong -Headmistress (Nursery School)
Peter Mmeabe - Headmaster (Primary School)
Patrick Chinna - Principal (Secondary School)

At this stage of schooling, we teach children all the ethical virtues and relational values. The school therefore, disciplines' any child who breaks the
school rules and regulation irrespective of the age.

Starting a nursery school is a big step for little children. It may be the first time that child is leaving home temporary, and we understand that this creates anxiety. Questions like "is my child old enough to be starting school?" "Will he/she be happy in the new environment?" these fears are normal and to be expected but, don't worry, our teachers has been carefully selected and besides being excellent and professional educators; they have deep love and understanding of a young child's needs. Expect some tears and once goodbye is said, it's best to leave especially for the interest of the child. If
parents linger, the child feels more unsettled. You will be informed once your child has settled, and at all times urged to discuss any problems you may be experiencing. We look forward to a close relationship between home and school, and a happy, exiting journey of discovery for your child.

1. Personal, Social and Emotional development
2. Communication, Language and Literacy
3. Mathematical Development and Early Mathematical Experiences
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
5. Physical development and Movement.

The aim is towards:
a. effecting a smooth transition from the home to the school;
b. preparing the child for the primary education;
c. providing adequate care and supervision for the children while their parents are at work(market, offices etc);
d. inculcating social norms;
e. Inculcating in the child the spirit of enquiry and creativity through the exploration of nature, and the local environment, playing with toys, artistic and musical activities etc;
f. Teaching co-operation and team spirit;
g. Teaching the rudiments of numbers, letters, shapes, colours, forms etc
h. Teaching good habits, especially good health habits.

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