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Ranjennnys Schools is happy to introduce and welcome you to her new Electronic Learning Centre.This e-learning centre has been professionally designed and equiped with over 5,000 educational materials ranging from e-Books, Games, online encyclopedia and web links for pre-school, grades 1 - 5, grades 6 - 8,grades 9 - 12 and those at the tertiary level. We are also introducing to you our new educational E-Test Game ........

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:: Primary School ::

Ranjennys operate within the framework created by the National policy on education, the education law, and the boundaries set by routine inspection report from the inspectorate department of the Rivers state Ministry of education. These frameworks include the curriculum (what is taught and learned); mode of service delivery (how we teach what we are suppose to teach); who teaches what (teacher qualifications); the social milieu (our society) infrastructures, facilities, equipment, supplies, how learners are assessed (assessment standards); and all external examinations National and State Examinations. All these have informed and challenged us as teacher to know how to respond to the ever-increasing rate of change, and to constantly re-asses what we teach our children and the methodology in use.

All subjects in the National Curriculum are taught at this level. This means that all children will follow programmes of study in English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Social Studies, local language, and Religious Education, Religious Studies, French, Creative Arts and design, Phonetics, Agriculture, Verbal and Vocational Aptitude. Children are taught by their class teachers, while certain specialist subjects such as English, Mathematics, Music,
Verbal and Vocational Aptitude, Phonetics, ICT and French, Art and design are taught by specialist teachers.

Other extra-curricular / psychomotor lessons such as sports and games, musical skills. Dexterity and legibility skills such as - tool handling, accuracy, drawing and painting are carefully infused into related subjects.

All our primary school teachers are well trained and possess a minimum qualification of HND and first degree.

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