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Ranjennnys Schools is happy to introduce and welcome you to her new Electronic Learning Centre.This e-learning centre has been professionally designed and equiped with over 5,000 educational materials ranging from e-Books, Games, online encyclopedia and web links for pre-school, grades 1 - 5, grades 6 - 8,grades 9 - 12 and those at the tertiary level. We are also introducing to you our new educational E-Test Game ........

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:: The Proprietress ::

We live in a time when knowledge (both the good and the bad) is at our finger tip. Negative knowledge seems to be taking precedence over the positive among young people than ever before as they are distracted at every turn. This development has compelled THE PROPRIETRESS parents to desire any institution that will assist in directing and focusing their beloved children in the right direction.

I am delighted to introduce you to a school that will assist you in teaching and moulding the thinking, character and the vision of your child. We do all these alongside skills building and knowledge impartation. With God as our instructor, we assure you that on graduation, we will present to you, a mature, stable, self confident and competent leader.

It has been twenty six unforgettable years of amazing grace and we have capitalized on every moment, using all to our advantage. Twenty six years ago when Ranjennys was founded, we recognized that education is the major tool for socio-economic change, and if we have to contribute in this regard then it behooves on us to have a vision that will enable us impact our environment. With this lofty idea in mind, we created a vision of what major socio-economic needs will exist in the future and what we can do to contribute in this regard. This projection has been our guiding principle in our everyday administrative decisions and thus, informed our mission statement – see previous editions of our magazine.


Decades ago, secondary school students were recruited for employment prior to their final examination. Currently, several university graduates spend many years seeking for employment without luck. We project that in the near future this trend will reverse to a situation whereby jobs will look for ‘skilled graduates’. The prevailing socio-economic realities and dynamics we face have pre-disposed the national curriculum to constant review, resulting in the need for us to also review what we teach, how we teach and the impact on students. Driven by these competing forces we are compelled to constantly review our teaching methods so as to make subjects and learning more interesting to students. It has not been as easy as it seems because, attempting to effect any change produces challenges and resentment. However, God has been extremely faithful in all ramifications; providing wisdom on how to convert every challenge into favour; using every obstacle as a vehicle to improvement and constantly building on our strength as we consistently evaluate our weaknesses and consolidate on our achievements. I am still grappling for a collection of adjectives that fit the description of Ranjennys staff. I am enormously lucky and grateful to have such a marvelous team who make these achievements possible. 

In this bewildering technological age and moral laxity, we make concerted effort to develop our students’ personality by balancing our teaching with the aim of influencing them to see themselves in due proportion to the world around them at all times, focusing them on the living they will earn if they lead a good life. This edition carries information and rules that serve as guiding principles for students.

No child is inept! Every child is genetically endowed in a specific way with an inherent hidden talent. A child’s talent or occupation is not ours to discover. Our role is to create an enabling environment for each and every one of them towards this discovery. This edition carries a sample of how in Ranjennys, we creatively and adeptly simplify everyday professional task into knowledge and skills.

While we teach students the core values of dignity, integrity and hard work, we appreciate the fact that mental work without physical and manual activity makes students incompetent, inactive and tired; thus, we teach students how to work hard and play hard. This edition includes pictorial demo of some of what made us the overall best in Rivers State at the 2010 Arts and Culture event organized by the Federal Ministry of Culture, Tourism & National Orientation in conjunction with the National Gallery of Arts Abuja, Rivers State Branch.

An educated adult who is not able to communicate in his /her mother tongue can be liken to a well written letter in an un-addressed envelop in the post office. Our language is the gateway to our identification and so appropriates cultural values and respect on us. In this edition, you will see excerpts of how we have ventured into this barren and unfamiliar but educative area, broken it and cultivated knowledge and cultural values. Of note is the inclusion of parents as language teachers and which they do enthusiastically, because they are also compelled to research on some forgotten vernacular names of animals, plants and numerical counting and teach their children. This is ‘Education for All is the Responsibility of All’. We are proud of our ex-students who have maintained the spirit of hard work imbued in them from Ranjennys. 

Space will not permit me to reflect on our past to enumerate the milestones we have achieved in the twenty five years of our existence. This is due to the fact that they are too numerous, so we live it were it belongs - in the past. For more information about Ranjennys and our e-learning, visit here .

Ranjennys students are our most valuable asset and I appreciate them.  May they all be blessed, bold, and the best.

We are indebted to and will always be grateful to our faithful parents whose prayers and support has been a pillar of strength over the years. To ALL we say ‘Owa`nai~enu’!

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